Public Works

For After Hours water and wastewater emergencies, call 
(928) 245-0547

Public Works accepts used motor oil and used commercial cooking oil.  They are opened Monday thru  Thursday, 6a.m. - 4:30 p.m.



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The Public Works Department maintains a staff of three people responsible for preventative maintenance on the Town's water system, and a Water Operator who performs tests on the water quality as required by the state and federal law.  For maintenance problems such as leaks or water quality, please contact Public Works at (928) 333-4223. Public works will respond to correct the problem, but is not permitted to enter into private property. After hours, contact (928) 245-0547.

For an installation of a water meter and connection to the Town system, the homeowner must complete an application for service at Town Hall, pay the fees, and then a connection date will be scheduled. Please allow up to three weeks for an installation.

Residents with an existing connection wishing to turn on their water must contact Town Hall, and usually within the same day, Town Hall will schedule the turn on with Public Works, and a technician will arrive to turn on the water.  If the water is not turned on when the meter is installed, then a turn-on charge will be assessed. For seasonal visitors, half the usual turn-on fee is assessed (the meter is kept in the owner's name, the account is kept open, and the meter is temporarily turned off during the winter.) To transfer the water account in an existing home, a turn-on fee is also assessed.

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