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The Eagar Police Department supplies emergency and community police services to the Town of Eagar. Services provided include the School Resourse Officer (SRO) assigned to the Round Valley Schools, Civilian Volunteer Patrol (CVP) Program, Reading In School (RIS) Program, Save Our Seniors (SOS) Program, Citizen Police Academy, House Watch Program and Animal Control Services through the Animal Control Division.


Consumer Fraud Reporting

Report a Scam
How to report a Fraud or Scam
If you have observed a scam or been a victim of a scam, spam or fraud and want to report it for enforcement, here is a website that will use the information you provide to warn other consumers and help to direct you to the proper law enforcement agencies. Click here.



The Eagar Police Department would like to thank the 100 Club of Arizona for their continuing support of our Officers. The 100 Club of Arizona is a non-profit organization that has demonstrated a genuine concern for the welfare and safety of law enforcement officers, fire fighters and their families for many years. They provide financial assistance for officers and fire fighters that have died in the line of duty, and provide additional support for officers and fire fighters that have been injured or have special needs. They also have programs for scholarships, bulletproof vests, safety equipment and more.

The Eagar Police Department has received funding from the 100 Club'€™s Safety Equipment Stipend Program since 2006. Since that time the 100 Club of Arizona SES program has purchased a significant amount of new equipment for the Eagar PD including pepperball gun supplies, three lightbars for patrol vehicles, three emergency lighting kits for EPD bicycles, two tasers, reflective striping for our patrol cars, two portable light units and two bulletproof vests.

If you have questions about the 100 Club of Arizona you can contact them on-line;http://www.100club.org by mail; 100 Club of Arizona,5033 N. 19th Ave. Suite 123, Phoenix, AZ 85015 or call their office; (602)-485-0100 or call the Eagar Police Department at (928) 333-4127 if you have any questions.


If you are tired of people getting away with breaking the law, but are afraid they might come after you if you give information, then WeTip is what you are looking for.

WeTip is a private contractor that takes anonymous crime information and forwards it to the appropriate Law Enforcement agency.  They do not want to know your identity. They only want the information you want to give. In fact, if you use your name or identifying information the operator is trained to tell you to call back for another operator. They do not want to know who you are, to insure that you remain anonymous.  You can also report a tip on line. Click here.

A reward is offered if the information leads to an arrest and WeTip has a method to pay the reward and still keep the caller anonymous.

WeTip has been in business for 38 years and now is available for Apache County. WeTip is a program subscribed to by the Apache County Youth Council-Apache County Drug Free Alliance to obtain €œanonymous€ information concerning crimes in Apache County.



Click Here to received trusted Public Safety alerts and Community Announcements directly to your cell phone or email with Nixle.






Vacation/Security House Watch Program

Other community services offered include a variety of crime prevention programs available to citizen groups, churches, and businesses. A residential and business security watch program is available to persons that plan to leave on vacation or seasonally. Application forms for the Security Watch program are available at the Eagar Police Department during business hours, or you can down-load a copy of the application here. Click here for Security Check form.


Registered Sex Offender Link

Click Here for information on registered Sex Offenders in the State of Arizona


Save Our Seniors (SOS)

In many towns and communities such as ours, there are elderly or disabled people who live alone.  The Eagar and Springerville Police are concerned about these people and would like to do something to help.  We have a program known as  "Save Our Seniors” (S.O.S.).

The White Mountain Regional Medical Center Hospital Auxiliary and the Apache County Communications Dispatch Center are our partners in the  Save Our Seniors (S.O.S.) Program.

The White Mountain Regional Medical Center Hospital Auxiliary answer the S.O.S. calls during the weekdays and the Apache County Communications Dispatch Center answer the calls on the weekends and Holidays. If they do not receive a daily call from the S.O.S. participant the Police Department will go to their house to check their welfare.

The intent of this program is to make sure that all elderly or disabled people have someone contact them daily to make sure they are O.K.  There is no cost to participate in the S.O.S. Program. The persons wanting to participate have to complete an application with the Police Department. If you live in Eagar you give the completed form to the Eagar Police Department. (In you live in Springerville you give the completed form to the Springerville Police Department.) Click here for SOS Application.

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