Finance Department

The Finance Department is responsible to ensure that the town is fiscally secured in order to meet the needs of the Town. The Finance Department is also responsible for the administration of utility hookups and payments.


In most cases, Town Code, Title 13 will be followed, but the following is provided for further explanation.  In the event of a conflict with this section, Town Code, Title 13 will control.

                  A.   Billing & Payment   
All billings shall be sent to customer on a monthly basis as close to the beginning of the month as possible. Late fees are assessed on the 25th of each month. 

                 B.  Late Fees    
All payments received after the 25th of the month will be assessed a late fee approved by Town Council.

                                         1.  Exceptions
                                              a.   Accounts that have made prior arrangements for payments to be made in installments prior to the 12th month shall not  be charged a late payment fee.  Installment arrangements can be made because of a leak, transferred balance, etc. 

C.  Payment Arrangements    
Payment arrangements made on a utility account will be done by signing an agreement that sets the amount to pay per payment and the frequency of the payments.  The account holder shall sign the agreement.  If the customer does not comply with the agreement, late fees and shut off of service could follow.

D.  Closed Accounts Left Unpaid

1.   Accounts should be paid in full.

2.   If customer has another open utility account, the balance left at the closed account will be transferred over.

E.  Uncollectible Accounts
Service will not be turned on until full payment of uncollectible account is paid in full.

Finance Department

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