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Apache County Hazard Mitigation Plan Update

Proposed New Fees - Commercial Public Records Requests
$.50 per page black/white (8.5x11" - 8.5x14")
$.80 per page black/white (11x17")
$.80 per page color (8.5x11" - 8.5x14")
$1.40 per page color (11x17")
$2.50 per square foot black/white (Plans/Maps/Plotter)
$3.50 per square foot color (Plans/Maps/Plotter)

Plus employee's hourly wage to process request.
Hourly wage billed by the quarter hour.

Proposed New Fees - Administration (Copies)
$2.50 per square foot black/white (Plans/Maps/Plotter)
$3.50 per square foot color (Plans/Maps/Plotter)







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